Accommodation at Vacation Home Rents!

Going for a vacation is an exciting part of life. All the excitement of traveling, exploring a new place, shopping, and eating new cuisines, meeting new people are one of the best feelings in the world. But what lowers the adrenaline rush is when you come to think of all the bills you’re going to get, Hotel bills being one of the main reasons.

We at Vacation Home Rents help you keep your excitement in tact and offer you a perfect solution for it- Holiday Homes. Well, you might think what new or different is it that they offer and why should you choose them over hotels and resorts when anyway you get a guaranteed great stay at hotels. But, what if you can get extra comfort, extra rooms, extra bathrooms, extra amenities, homely stay, locations and selections of your choice and extra features in holiday homes and that too at a lesser price? Sounds interesting, right? Holiday homes have the concept of providing a comfortable homely like stay to the tourist or traveled who come to a destination to explore and spend their vacation their, particularly those who travel in groups, with their friends and family members and want a complete home with great privacy and some additional benefits which one does not get in hotels and resorts unless or until either they have to compromise on their privacy or have to pay large bucks for it.

For eg, If you are booking a hotel room(s) and wish to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool in the evening, what is the advantage if you got to do it with plenty of other strangers and you do not get to that in the privacy and comfort of your own known people. Vacation homes on the other hand provide you this benefit where the pool is entirely yours- no timings, no strangers. You do not have to worry about sharing a pool with lots of other people (because sometimes sharing is not caring and who does not like a dip in the pools!). And other than that, Vacation homes have larger number of rooms and bathrooms, have the options of beach facing homes so you also get to enjoy an evening in your balcony/terrace admist cool breeze at dusk while you sip a freshly brewed cuppa of coffee or simply enjoy the nature of beauty at sunset, etc. Vacation homes give you the over all flexibility to invent and use the home as you like, unlike hotel rooms where your movement is restricted and you’re supposed to follow a certain code of conduct like keeping your volume low, or not talking in a high pitch and so are others so that you don’t disturb others privacy and your privacy isn’t either.

So, next time you consider an accommodation for your long vacation getaway and do not wish to compromise on your requirements, head straight to us, head to for the vacation home rentals by owner and we shall guarantee you the experience of a lifetime!


Treat to the eyes: Mauritius!

Mauritius is unarguably one of the most mesmerizing places to visit. It is like a dream destination and treat to the eyes for anyone, whether or not one likes to travel. Once you come to Mauritius, you don;t feel like going back. And the place is so beatifically alluring that you are going to have s sure shot long weekend in this place.

For you rescue, we are here, to save you from the fear of getting to pay large hotel bills without even getting the value from it. That is why we have got you Mauritius Vacation rentals by owner. With us, you can totally be assured that you will get what is the best. Our vacation rentals are nothing but the best because for us our customers are the top property and this is the reason why we have only the best properties listed on website.

We provide you all and each facility that one may require the need for- large and spacious bedrooms that are cozy and comfortable, neat and clean spacious bathrooms (often more than one in number), pools, laundry facility, kitchen with utensils and cooking appliances, garden/lawn, iron facility and much more.

You just have to choose and book the rental according to what you require, how many guests you are traveling with that need to be accommodated, what location would you prefer your rental to be in and other information and we shall help you find the vacation rental that best matches the information.

The Thrilling Thailand!

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to visit across the globe given the various things it offers to its tourists. Nightlife, shopping, cuisine, temples, this place is a hub for any and every one who want to spend a great a vacation and get to enjoy a lot in one single trip. Thailand is one place you got to visit for sure. And while you do, it surely has to be a long one.

And when you do, you must know, a greatly pleasant and beautifully cozy vacation rental is waiting for you. Our Thailand Vacation Rentals by owner are one of the best in town and shall make you forget the crammed hotel rooms and resorts that offer you nothing in comparison of what they charge. Unlike us. We give you the complete value of money with our gorgeous vacation rental homes so that you and your loved ones who are traveling with you don’t just get a great experience travel wise but also have a pleasant stay worth remembering.


Our vacation rentals have all the facilities that you shall require- Kitchen and the utensils, appliances that need to be used to cook or make some ready made stuff, spacious and clean bathrooms, various bedrooms, pool, garden, iron facility, telephones, maintenance, power backup and much more. You just need to chose the rental as per your comfort, budget and location and rest shall be done.

So, what are you waiting for. Get your plans set and head straight for a thrilling experience to Thailand and stay with our cozy and comfortable accommodations for as never before experience.

Trancoso Vacation Rentals By Owner Blog

If your looking for an unexplored place for a vacation, Trancoso is a natural beauty. Famous for its beaches which are undiscovered and thus sees less of a crowd, the place is getting more and famous among tourists and travelers. If you are one such traveling fanatic or even you wish to just get to a refreshing relaxing vacation, Trancoso can be such a deal.


We offer to you great Trancoso Vacation rentals by owner. Renting a holiday home for avocation is a better deal for any one in comparison with hotel;s or resorts and we have reasons for that. In vacation homes, you are given a complete homely feel. So, you get all sorts of facilities like kitchen and the appliances and utensils that may be required, Laundry services just like you have in home, refrigerator, and all other benefits. All in all, Vacation rooms are more spacious and provide you more privacy and even are more cost effective than hotels. So, if you are planning for traveling with your friends or family and have a large number of people traveling with you, you do not need to worry about getting a easy and comfy as well as spacious accommodation for yourself because holiday homes are always there. And ours are specially one of the finest in the market.

You can make use of the garden or lawn area as well as the terrace or balcony area and get to enjoy some cool breeze with your dear ones. You can also enjoy a dip in the pool fpr a refreshing break (if your rental comes with it) and you can make use of the pool in private because there will be no one else but your pwn family and friends that shall b with you while you have fun.

Chuck out Hotels, Choose vacation Homes

Its time to ditch hotels and go for Vacation home rentals. Its not any misguided suggestion but once you come to know the difference or rather advantages of vacation home rents over hotels/resorts, you wouldn’t agree more. Vacation home rents lets you have all the things that you weren’t expecting and thus weren’t aware of, living in rooms of cramped spaces in hotels, with redundant layout. Vacation home rentals comes with a lot of privacy. Be it a couple that is on their honeymoon or a family of four where the couple wants to enjoy a private movie night after the sightseeing tour on their own while the kids are asleep in another room, also not disturbing them. Even private balconies and private terrace isn’t a surprising factor in a vacation rental home as compared to hotels where its a rarity that you” find one. Either you’ll have to pay the extra bucks or compromise on the privacy.


You get to cook your own food. Home cooked food is unmatched. You might feel like having some of your favorite dishes while on vacation that’s cooked by you; also you’re sure about its clean preparing. Provision of refrigerators also help save a lot as of course, eating out on vacations can cost you a lot much. Cooking at home saves that.

You can do your own laundry safely too. Almost every vacation home comes with a laundry service. That’s why its a home away from home. Extra space, lawn at the backyard., private pool/bathtub, etc. You name it and vacation homes will have it. You just have to chose accordingly and you can get plenty of options in variety to chose from. Every vacation home has something or the other in unique to give you the satisfaction of investing in something right and bidding on getting something different.

Now, Hotels or vacation Homes, your House.

Make Memories in Bali – The Island of Love

Newly married couple, or just youngsters with a bunch of friends, old couple or a family of four, Bali is a hot tourist destination for everyone alike. The scenic beauty is celestial and the natural surroundings is refreshing and sets a pleasant mood. The place has theme parks with some thrilling rides for kids as well as a jungle safari ride for youngsters and also beautiful destinations for sight seeing for couples. After a tiring day, you can also experience a seaside spa facility.

Visiting such a place for a vacation looks a value for money deal for everyone who enjoys and wants to live life to the fullest. What’s even more a value for money deal is booking a bali vacation home rentals for yourself. Being a hot spot for tourists, it becomes costly to pay for such hotels. In that scenario Vacation home rentals in bali seems to be a great option. Not is it just money saving but it comes with a lot of other advantages that will make your stay in Bali even more memorable and your experience cherishable.


For any group of people or a couple, or just any individual in particular, looks for in a vacation is complete sense of a peaceful environment to give themselves a break from the hectic life and be surrounded with complete and utter privacy. You would not like your staying place be disturbed by people in the adjacent rooms oand vice versa, do you? Sounds familiar, right? Well, such situations arise usually in hotels and resorts where you have to mainatin a level of decorum of the highly fomal place you are staying. The more posher the hotel, the more formal behaviour. You may even have to wait in lines in front of the elevator to reach up to your room after a long and tiring day of your sightseeing tour with your loved ones.

With Vacation homes, all these problems are cut short because its only you and your family who is putting up in the allocated house, which is also selected by you. And no, by no means it is meant to be taken as living in solidarity. You get to meet new people who might have rented their vacations home as you or maybe make freinds with them to or just have a chat with the locales living over there and get to know more about the place who are going to explore.

Make Treasureable Memories with Italy Vacation Homes


Italy is one of the most beautiful place to travel and a famous tourist spot. Planning a vacation can be very exciting task because you plan where all places you would like to visit; the beaches you would probably go for a dip in, the exquisite Italian cuisines you will let your taste buds indulge in and of course the shopping and souvenirs you are probably going to get from there as a part for your memories. But all this excitement can turn into boredom if you haven’t planned your stay well in advance. You can go for Italy Vacation home rentals at! You will need a warm bed and a cozy place to relax, or a warm pool to have a relaxing and rejuvenating time so that you’re all set to explore Italy the next day and we will be your savior!

Renting out an entire home sounds much better than going for hotels or resorts, which surprisingly, are a lot more affordable too! Sounds unbelievable, right? Now you can say goodbye to the boring and monotonous hotel layouts with a bed, a TV, and an attached bathroom because booking one with some amenities like pool, etc. can prove to be heavy on your pockets! We’re sure you don’t want to overpay, do you when you can get an entire home, even better than a suite, all by yourself. You can even go for customized options that will have facilities as per your requirement. Why go for congested hotel game parlous when you can get your own personal pool table for a game with your gang at affordable prices? Why go for tiny balcony rooms in hotels when you own a whole terrace by yourself at cheaper prices? For your vacations, holiday rental homes in Italy is the solution!

5 Tips to Avail Vacation Home Rentals in Brazil


Around the world, Brazil is well known as a vacation destination for everyone. This is basically because of the breathtaking beaches, winding forest trails, and bustling cities. The most popular destination of course is Rio de Janeiro because of its scenery and attractions like the Diabo’s beach, the national history museum and the modern art museum. Vacation Home Rents offers a variety of vacation home rentals in Brazil that are perfect for a retreat or group get away. Vacation rental owners are always looking for a leg up in the competition. They therefore make sure that their rentals are great for accommodating large families or groups that want to vacate together. Vacation rentals however entail certain risk ranging from legality issues to consumer protection. The following are some of the tips that are important to consider as one looks to explore the vacation rentals experience.

Rates and Calendar Maintenance

It is important as a vacation rental owner to consider maintaining rates and calendars so that as travelers find a great looking listing, they do not get frustrated by the unmaintained rates. An owner should ensure that their listings provide at least one year of valid rates and always keep the calendars updated as they receive bookings.

Immediate Response to Inquiry

Owners usually take hours and even days to respond to inquiries but travelers are often ready to confirm reservation immediately. Immediate response has got the advantage of selling guests on one’s property before they hear back from other owners. Guests appreciate receiving fast and professional response throughout the reservation process.

Property management

Lots of vacation rentals are individual units in large condos or residential complexes. These units should be well maintained and a resident manager should be available in order to handle problems that might occur during visits. The property should be represented accurately and someone has to be around in case a guest has some kind of mechanical problem.

Property Description Improvement

An owner should provide a property description that is at least three hundred words long. This is because the quality and the length of the property description can have a huge impact on the booking performance.

Photo provisions

An owner should provide plenty of pictures that will help travelers gain a better understanding of the rental offers. The more the photos, the higher the rank in the search results on vocational rental listing sites.


Owning a vacation rentals requires a lot of time and energy. The above tips however provide a guide on the important areas of concern that one has to consider before exploring the vacation rental experiences. Following these tips ensure that one gains more income.

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Vacation Home Rents : The Better Way to Enjoy Your Stay


Are you planning to spend your vacations in Florida? Looking for better options for your enjoyable stay! If your answer is ‘yes’ then vacation home rents are just the best options for you. Vacation home rents are not just a better option but provide you more relaxing and joyful stay for restful breaks.

By definition, vacation home rents is a furnished home property available on rent for a limited time frame for tourists. It serves as a great alternative for tourists instead of expensive hotels. The vacation home rents are called with different names in various parts of the world, such as beach houses, holiday homes, and self-catering rentals. Renting vacation homes help tourists to have a relaxing and homelike stay, especially if they make visits and trips frequently.

Why to choose a vacation house instead of hotel?


As soon as people think of choosing another alternative, they may start to worry about the quality of services. However, in case of a vacation rental there is nothing that someone has to worry about. Mentioned below are some of the most valuable points that help you understand the benefits of a vacation rental over a hotel room.

  • Comfortable: A vacation rental provides the similar extent of comfort that an expensive hotel room will give you.

  • Home appliances: Unlike hotels, vacation home rents are equipped with home appliances, such as washer, iron, and burners, along with a complete kitchen.

  • Homelike ambiance: With all the furnishing available along with cleaning and washing facilities, you will not experience the discomfort of being away from home.

  • Home-maid service: At some rentals, you are allowed to avail home-maid services with a little bit of extra charges.

Vacation rental also becomes a distinguish alternative for people who are willing to move to a different location for a few days to a few months. People on business trips or exchange students often choose to stay in a vacation home for peaceful atmosphere and better lifestyle. So, whether you are willing to go on a vacation to Florida, study abroad program, or a business trip then furnished vacation homes are a great choice for your comfy halt.

Search online to learn a lot more about furnished vacation homes or to know about the best available deals of vacation home rents in Florida, USA. When it comes to an enjoyable break in Florida, do not settle for anything less than excellence.