Accommodation at Vacation Home Rents!

Going for a vacation is an exciting part of life. All the excitement of traveling, exploring a new place, shopping, and eating new cuisines, meeting new people are one of the best feelings in the world. But what lowers the adrenaline rush is when you come to think of all the bills you’re going to get, Hotel bills being one of the main reasons.

We at Vacation Home Rents help you keep your excitement in tact and offer you a perfect solution for it- Holiday Homes. Well, you might think what new or different is it that they offer and why should you choose them over hotels and resorts when anyway you get a guaranteed great stay at hotels. But, what if you can get extra comfort, extra rooms, extra bathrooms, extra amenities, homely stay, locations and selections of your choice and extra features in holiday homes and that too at a lesser price? Sounds interesting, right? Holiday homes have the concept of providing a comfortable homely like stay to the tourist or traveled who come to a destination to explore and spend their vacation their, particularly those who travel in groups, with their friends and family members and want a complete home with great privacy and some additional benefits which one does not get in hotels and resorts unless or until either they have to compromise on their privacy or have to pay large bucks for it.

For eg, If you are booking a hotel room(s) and wish to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool in the evening, what is the advantage if you got to do it with plenty of other strangers and you do not get to that in the privacy and comfort of your own known people. Vacation homes on the other hand provide you this benefit where the pool is entirely yours- no timings, no strangers. You do not have to worry about sharing a pool with lots of other people (because sometimes sharing is not caring and who does not like a dip in the pools!). And other than that, Vacation homes have larger number of rooms and bathrooms, have the options of beach facing homes so you also get to enjoy an evening in your balcony/terrace admist cool breeze at dusk while you sip a freshly brewed cuppa of coffee or simply enjoy the nature of beauty at sunset, etc. Vacation homes give you the over all flexibility to invent and use the home as you like, unlike hotel rooms where your movement is restricted and you’re supposed to follow a certain code of conduct like keeping your volume low, or not talking in a high pitch and so are others so that you don’t disturb others privacy and your privacy isn’t either.

So, next time you consider an accommodation for your long vacation getaway and do not wish to compromise on your requirements, head straight to us, head to for the vacation home rentals by owner and we shall guarantee you the experience of a lifetime!

Choose your rental and begin Holidaying!

Going for vacations and trips is one of the most exciting part of anybody’s life. Who doesn’t wants to take a break from their monotonous schedules and head out to connect with nature; the sun, the stars and the likes. Every one of us wants to witness the sunset or how starts slowly set in after and start twinkling and before we know it the sky is full of them. But often, the only thought that takes us over is the budget going overboard. We all want to have fun but then we also need to take care of our wallets and our budget.

One of the most expensive affair can be accommodation. Yes! Your stay also increases or decreases the chance of your over all expenditure as well. Lets do the easy calculation- The farther you take your accommodation from the place you wish to sight-see in, the more you shall have to pay for the conveyance. Further, eating out three times a day on a vacation with you all your dear ones whom you are traveling with can be super expensive.

Well, what you need is our London vacation rentals by owner! Yes, We at Vacation Home Rents thrive to provide our customers the best possible things we can do to make their vacation pleasant and cheerful while also being easy on the pockets but not comprising with the quality or the quantity.

You get to choose the vacation rental of your time and having the amenities that you want- number of rooms, number of bathrooms, the are or location that is most suitable to you and the like. Further, in it you get a lot of facilities and amenities. Privacy, space, luxury and comfort; you get it all. Our holiday homes give you complete luxury and freedom- you get facilities like Kitchen where yo get all the required appliances and utensils that can help you cook your own home made freshly cooked meals which can be further stored in the refrigerator for further consumption thus saving you lot of bucks on eating out.

There you have all your problems sorted. Choose your rental and begin holidaying!

Living it up in Thailand!

With having places like Similar Islands known for Snorkeling, scuba diving and Sailing or Ko Pha Ngan – another Island known for full moon parties and sunrise, Thailand is a world famous tourist attraction that has invited a lot of people pertaining to its wide range of activities, attractions and experiences it offers to one self. The place is full of excitement and zeal that anyone and everyone can make the most of their vacation in Thailand.

Come and book your stay in our Thailand Vacation rentals by owner and enjoy a pleasurable time as you get yourself refreshed and recharged. We provide you fully furnished holiday vacation homes for your stay, having all the amenities and facilities you shall need. Providing a more value for money accommodation experience than hotels and resorts, holiday homes give you the pleasure of a lot more in less amount. You get additional benefits of having a kitchen, where you get all the required appliances and utensils to cook your own freshly home made food and store it in the refrigerator for consumption later, laundry facilities where you can do your urgently required washing stuff, and much more. In vacation homes you get optimum amount of privacy where you do not have to get disturbed or disturb others due to small issues like high TV- volumes (common in hotels). Also, if your vacation rental has additional luxury facility like swimming pool or game room, you get to enjoy it in your complete privacy without needing it to share with other guests like in Hotels where you have to compromise on your privacy big time.

So, come and choose your majestic castle as per your choice and be a part of something big, a home away from your home. It’s time to live it up!

Treat to the eyes: Mauritius!

Mauritius is unarguably one of the most mesmerizing places to visit. It is like a dream destination and treat to the eyes for anyone, whether or not one likes to travel. Once you come to Mauritius, you don;t feel like going back. And the place is so beatifically alluring that you are going to have s sure shot long weekend in this place.

For you rescue, we are here, to save you from the fear of getting to pay large hotel bills without even getting the value from it. That is why we have got you Mauritius Vacation rentals by owner. With us, you can totally be assured that you will get what is the best. Our vacation rentals are nothing but the best because for us our customers are the top property and this is the reason why we have only the best properties listed on website.

We provide you all and each facility that one may require the need for- large and spacious bedrooms that are cozy and comfortable, neat and clean spacious bathrooms (often more than one in number), pools, laundry facility, kitchen with utensils and cooking appliances, garden/lawn, iron facility and much more.

You just have to choose and book the rental according to what you require, how many guests you are traveling with that need to be accommodated, what location would you prefer your rental to be in and other information and we shall help you find the vacation rental that best matches the information.

The Thrilling Thailand!

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to visit across the globe given the various things it offers to its tourists. Nightlife, shopping, cuisine, temples, this place is a hub for any and every one who want to spend a great a vacation and get to enjoy a lot in one single trip. Thailand is one place you got to visit for sure. And while you do, it surely has to be a long one.

And when you do, you must know, a greatly pleasant and beautifully cozy vacation rental is waiting for you. Our Thailand Vacation Rentals by owner are one of the best in town and shall make you forget the crammed hotel rooms and resorts that offer you nothing in comparison of what they charge. Unlike us. We give you the complete value of money with our gorgeous vacation rental homes so that you and your loved ones who are traveling with you don’t just get a great experience travel wise but also have a pleasant stay worth remembering.


Our vacation rentals have all the facilities that you shall require- Kitchen and the utensils, appliances that need to be used to cook or make some ready made stuff, spacious and clean bathrooms, various bedrooms, pool, garden, iron facility, telephones, maintenance, power backup and much more. You just need to chose the rental as per your comfort, budget and location and rest shall be done.

So, what are you waiting for. Get your plans set and head straight for a thrilling experience to Thailand and stay with our cozy and comfortable accommodations for as never before experience.

Italy Vacation Homes!

Italy is the beauty that you’ll never want to miss. Known for the Amalfi Coast for its Sorrentine Peninsula villages and beaches, Rome for its iconic art, the Vatican and The Colosseum, Venice ad its Canals, Carnival and San marco square, Florence for its renaissance art and Brunelleschi’s Duomo, Naples Italina city near Pomeii known as the birthplace of pizza and much more! The list is endless and you’re in for a sure shot treat if you visit here.

Its time now for a Holiday rental home in Italy. Now, that you have decided the place, the next most important task is to find the right accommodation that doesn’t just match the location that you are going to focus on but also your personal taste. Since you’re in the pampering mode, you would surely want to have a proper accommodation all by yourself that has all the comfort and space that you require. Your wish is our command!

We give you all the amenities in our Italy vacation home rentals and you won’t feel the need to go any where. We take care of all the things you shall need in our rentals and we don’t just provide you the stuff, we give you the best of it. Only the best rentals make way to our listings on the website so what you hose will be nothing but the best handpicked property rental which will steal your heart at one glance.

We give you all the facilities like Kitchen, Laundry, etc., apart from the beautiful and spacious rental which has bedrooms and bathrooms and halls/dining, lawn/garden/ terrace/balcony, as per what your choice is and what you have chosen. Your choice is given the top priority and you can choose as per your requirements. For you refreshment, you can also choose rentals that offer swimming pools/ Jacuzzi so that you can have a dip in them with your loved ones in complete privacy.

Vacation Rentals in The Captivating Cyprus!

Visit the captivating Cyprus and stay at our Cyprus vacation rentlas by owner for the most wonderful accommodations. We all know how much we wait for and are excited about a vacation. From the day it is planned, we keep on imagining about the whole trip in our minds and keep on re-thinking it because it gives us the pleasure of anticipation. The most important part of a trip is your stay- that’s the first place you go to and get refreshed in before heading out to your sightseeing tour or exploring excursion after all. It is but important that the place where you go to, where you stay and where you shall be coming back to, at the end of the day, is not just a crammed up space for the accommodation namesake but rather an amazing accommodation experience in itself- just like the comfort one gets in own homes.

thursday_3_august_2017_vacations [2].jpg

Only the best properties make way to the listings on our website so you can be sure that what yous ee up there is what you can be sure about getting and trust us, each one is better than the another. We provide a wide range of rentals to chose from, though each unique from the other, depending upon the number of people it can accommodate or number of baths or other amenities more or less. But all in all each and every property is the one to give you a wholesome happening.

Furnished kitchen with kitchen appliances and utensils, laundry services, greatly spacious, cozy, clean and comfortable bedrooms, large and multiple bathrooms, lawn/garden, terrace/ garden, etc. Are available for your easy access and enjoyment. Given all these amenities in a hotel/resort room, you surely won’t get even the half of them and that too at the greatly affordable prices that we offer (far more lesser than hotel rooms).

Trancoso Vacation Rentals By Owner Blog

If your looking for an unexplored place for a vacation, Trancoso is a natural beauty. Famous for its beaches which are undiscovered and thus sees less of a crowd, the place is getting more and famous among tourists and travelers. If you are one such traveling fanatic or even you wish to just get to a refreshing relaxing vacation, Trancoso can be such a deal.


We offer to you great Trancoso Vacation rentals by owner. Renting a holiday home for avocation is a better deal for any one in comparison with hotel;s or resorts and we have reasons for that. In vacation homes, you are given a complete homely feel. So, you get all sorts of facilities like kitchen and the appliances and utensils that may be required, Laundry services just like you have in home, refrigerator, and all other benefits. All in all, Vacation rooms are more spacious and provide you more privacy and even are more cost effective than hotels. So, if you are planning for traveling with your friends or family and have a large number of people traveling with you, you do not need to worry about getting a easy and comfy as well as spacious accommodation for yourself because holiday homes are always there. And ours are specially one of the finest in the market.

You can make use of the garden or lawn area as well as the terrace or balcony area and get to enjoy some cool breeze with your dear ones. You can also enjoy a dip in the pool fpr a refreshing break (if your rental comes with it) and you can make use of the pool in private because there will be no one else but your pwn family and friends that shall b with you while you have fun.

A Break in Brazil!

Have a mesmerizing break at Brazil and get a comfy stay at our Brazil Vacation home rentals. So, after a tiring adventurous sight seeing and exploring trip around Brazil, we make sure that you have a good night sleep and do not have to worry about having a cozy stay while you are at your vacation. Our Brazil vacation rentals by owner make sure that you do not have to worry about the perfect accommodation you can get.

Our vacation homes are fully furnished and equipped with all sorts of amenities; basic or luxurious that you may need. Be it bathrooms, or bedrooms lobby or living area, terrace or balcony, our vacation homes have it all. You just need to pick the right home for you that best suits your requirement and w shall help you find the best matching property from our database.


You can take full benefits of our vacation homes like- cooking in the kitchen provided with all required appliances, and utensils, or if you require to do urgent laundry, vacation homes have the provision for that as well, since they are but a home after all. Yet, they also give you that luxurious feel of living like a king in a large mansion type home with swimming pool, game room, etc. (if you chose one with these, of course!)

So, what are you waiting for? This vacation Brazil, get over cramped hotel rooms and resorts that do not provide you value of money deals because our vacation rentals are made feel you pampered.

Trancoso Vacation Rental For A Memorable Accommodation

When planning for a vacation, Trancoso can be a big bet. The place is considered to be the best undiscovered beach town in Brazil and thus gives you a chance to explore the place in solitary which is better than going to crowded beaches. Be it with your special someone or your group, exploring a new place can never go wrong. And when you come back home tired and exhausted from your travel spree, you can have great cozy and comfortable stay at our Vacation rentals home Trancoso.


Our Trancoso Vacation Rentals by Owner are one of a kind. Enjoy our gorgeous vacation home that looks not less than a dream land. Not only are they a treat to the yes buy the looks of it but they are extremely cozy and offer you a pleasurable stay. They feel like home and have all the amenities that one might need. You just have to chose for the property that best suits your needs and the rest is sorted. You can expect something more than you had thought you have get. Our beautiful vacation homes are surely going to take by surprise.

Enjoy the delicacy you want to enjoy as you get to cook your own home made food in the kitchen provided with the all the requirements for cooking, or even if you feel like there’s a requirement for laundry you can use it.

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee at dawn or ducks on the rental terrace or the balcony over a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breeze. Come over and see for yourself.